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Room Booking System

Resource Booking System

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Especially designed for organisations who wish to have a simple but effective tool to measure and improve utilisation of meeting rooms as well as corporate facilities.  


  • Ensure that rooms or resources are booked fairly & achieve best utilisation

  • Automate the time-consuming parts of your bookings while users are staying in the loop

  • Privacy and accountability are upheld

  • Double-bookings never happen

  • User group, rules, policies settings are tailor-made for your practices


  • Rooms /Resources registration 

  • Customisable user groups, rules, policies & notifications

  • Policies enforcement

  • Rooms Check-in / Check-out tracking (system includes in-room mobile device hardware for this process)

  • Automated rooms release in case of no show 

  • Unique “Follow It” function – users to be automatically notified for any meeting changes

  • Concurrent / Transfer / Reminder / Private Room settings to increase flexibility and efficiency

  • Reports for utilization analysis and audit purposes

  • Mobile friendly – Access via web browser & mobile devices (with eRoom Manager mobile app)

  • Integrate with AD & SSO

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