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Frequently Asked Questions

How to enjoy ECAP

one-month trial?

After you sign up for a trial,

we'll send you the trial within a few business days,

You can use ECAP for free for 1 month. There is no fee to pay.

If you are interested,

please contact us at

Is it really easy to use ECAP to

improve work efficiency?

It's really easy.

We've removed all major obstacles in your path.


You can start using ECAP immediately. There are no downloads or installations are required, you can manage your courses by reusing your materials (videos, presentations, documents, etc.).

Do I have to sign

long-term contracts?

No. You don't have to pay first.

ECAP is charged with

a monthly fee,

If you want to stop the service, you only need one month's advance notice.

Is my data

secure and private?

All data is transmitted over a secure and encrypted channel.

No one can't share your data

with their URL.​


We protect your personal information with 256-bit SSL encryption.

Check ourprivacy policy.

How to pay?

ECAP accepts the following payment methods: credit card, mailed check, bank transfer.

If you need another payment method, please contact us.

Does my plan come with free support?

Absolutely! We offer free support for all type of accounts.

If you need assistance, you can use visit our YouTube channel

and our Help Center,

message us through the live chat, or contact us via email at

If you have any questions,
please feel free to contact us.

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